anyone else cracked there case??

Was wondering if anyone else has cracked there case on a X mine is cracked and leaking at the bottom of the post where you screw in the bolt to hold your front sprocket/chanin/case saver. My mech says its a easy fix and can just put some jb wield and patch it up. Looks like maybe the deep mud i was ridding last weekend put pressure on the post?

I had a rock smack my works connection guard in the front of the motor and cracked the side case. I used Marine Tex, its kind of like JB weld but stronger. I have not had any problems since. :cry:

most likely you hit a rock when u were in the mud. JB should fix it, make sure the area is spotless before you patch it.

you probly might want to makesure that your bearing is ok cuz i was at redbud couple weeks ago and the bearing shattered and blew out threw my case. and oil was leaking everwhere it was great

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