I was just wondering if anyone can e-mail me a picture of their 04 wiring diagram from the back of the owners manual. I have read many things about these bikes having a 30 watt lighting ability. My 05 has a different stator part # on the kawasaki parts diagram but want to compare the 2 wiring diagrams to see what the difference really is. I would really appreciate this if someone could do it. Thanks


I confirm u the 04 kx model has a great lighting ability, i use it in enduro local races and in the bikes check it's sometime required to show lights. Anyhow consider u have to add a current regulator, or u'll burn your light bulbs. I check if i can find the wiring diagram to send u.

I am having the same problum with my 05 .let my know if you figur it out .I will do the same.

Give me your e-mail and I can send it on Wed morning. I already have it scanned and in format.

Locust, The wiring diagram you emailed me is identical to the wiring diagram in 05 ownwers manual.I have a feeling Kawasaki didn't update manuals from 04 to 05.Both 04 and 05 wiring diagrams show stator having 2 yellow wires,1 red/white and 1 blk/red wire.My stator has 1 yellow,1 white,red/wht and blk/red.

I just Got off the phone with Baja designs.They informed me that 05 kxf/rmz stator is different than 04 models and is not capable of running lights.There are currently no aftermarketlighting coils internal[electrex]orexternal[eline] that will work on 2005 kx250f/rm250z.Its highly doubtful that a lighting coil will even be made for these bikes due high development cost compared to relaTIve small consumer demand.

Can you retrofit an 04 stator onto an 05?

From my understanding "no" or at least not without changing your 05 CDI with 04 CDI.I talked to Tech[Ritzo]at electrex this afternoon.He said that Monday he 's going to have Kawasaki dealer send over a 05 kx250f so he can try and figure out way to get lighting coil to work.He should be gettimg back to me with results middle of next week.

I've got an '04 KXF that I'd be willing to trade for your '05. Just as a favor to you of course! :cry:

did electrex ever get back to you on the stator problem. Please reply with the info.

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