lubing valve shims as per the manual

The Yamaha service manual says to use molybdenum disulfide based oil on multiple areas of the head. It's supposed to be applied to valve shims, valve stem ends, valve stem sides, and under the camshaft caps.

I haven't been able to find moly "oil" in auto parts stores. Moly (3%) is used in some greases, but I don't know how much molybdenum disulfide has to present for it to be considered the correct lubricant for the job.

Since moly adheres to the metal surfaces, I'm pretty sure moly based lubricant is important on new shims and on new camshafts.

Does anyone know where to find molybdenum disulfide oil or grease? Thanks!

It is important, but it's also important to use only what you need to and not get carried away with it. I know it would take a lot of assembly lube to do this, but you don't want to add so much Moly to the oil that it affects the clutch.

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