Broken Main Jet

Bike started, ran for a few then died. won't start. I automatically started checking the basics gas, spark and air. proceeded to investigate everything. everthing checked ok. So I decided to take out bottom plug on float bowl and low and behold my main jet was broken in half and was laying inside plug????? 2nd half was still screwed in???? Has anyone out there seen such a thing. The needle appears to be fine and nothing else seems broken.... replacing main tonight..Please help if anyone has seen this...

errrr no cant say ive ever seen that.

Makes me feel better about the spare jets i carry.

overtightened main jet is the cause

I wish that was the case but the jet has been in for over 2 years and it finally decides to break. I just don't get it but it's been replaced and the bike fired right up and now to just go back through everything and retune it and make sure it's all right.

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