uncorking/lightening 650L

are there ways to uncork the 650L and remove all the smog crap on my dads 650L? if so, how much more power would you get and how much lighter would it be?

Blade, check post "Uncorked XR650L" from the archives...this details the whole process..go to Baja Designs website www.bajadesigns.com, check their page on the XRL, & take it from there...I've taken about 20lbs. off my XRL, it runs unbelievably well & I've got over 4k miles on it. Here's the list of mods. in order: Clarke 4.7 gal. gastank, Acerbis tail-light, Smog block-off kit, Carb. Jetting Kit, Uni air filter, FMF "Q" muffler/midpipe, Renthal "Jimmy Button" Bars, Acerbis Rally Pro Brushguards, Baja Designs skidplate, 14t front sprocket. 90% of this stuff came from Baja Designs. The power difference after uncorking is worth the $$! There's alot of info on your XRL on this site, so you should be all set! Good Luck!!!!!!

Hey what's going on Jim? My XR is finally getting uncorked! All mods are done except for the FMF Q pipe, which will be getting dropped off on my doorstep tomorrow. I've been waiting a long time for this and am anxiously awaiting hitting that start button and hearing the FMF Q speak to me for the first time. I did the jet kit yesterday and all went fine. The only problem I came across was a couple of phillips head screws that just didn't want to break loose to easily. Have to be real careful not to round out the center of the screw. :) I took it for a spin just to make sure that the carb was fine and the bike ran great. Starts up nice and quick, warms up better and a little more snot to it, but without the pipe, it's still not happy just yet. You can't have lots going in without lots coming out. I'm going downstairs to yank the stock pipe off of there right now and get it ready for the FMF. I printed out your write-up on your FMF installation and will use it for a reference as I do the install. I'll post some pictures when it's all done. Take it easy! Later, Mike

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