New Crf 250, Anyone have one?

Just bought a new 05 crf250 last night and I also own a 04 crf 450. I was wondering if anyone has the new bike and if so, what do you think about it and has anyone tried pipe mods yet? I have the WHite bros Carbon Pro on my 450 now :cry: and I was in limbo if I should use this again on the 250 or should I go Pro Circuit. Let me know what you guys have experienced on 05's as well 04's.

Well I thought ours was kind of sorry compared to our 04. I put in a crowerpower Gen 1 cam in a completely stock bike and WOW :cry: This is an awesome indoor or very tight track machine now, would be good for trails too! I have now put in the Gen 2 cam and tested it last night. I lost a little bottom end but the midrange to top end is unbelievable! This is on a stock bike otherwise. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Crower Power

I own a 04 CRF250 and i have a factory 4 on it right now and I love it. It helpes a lot everywhere but mostly mid to top end power.

It depends what your looking for out of a pipe as far as Pro Circuit or White Bros...PC will give you more bottom and mid but lose a little top....White Bros. gives a littlebit throughout the whole powerband...I believe thats what the dyno's showed, anyway I got the White Bros cuz I like to rev my bikes pretty high

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