2002 Crf 450r?

Hi. I am new to this site.I am looking at buying an '02 450 and was wondering if there was any major problems I should look for or inquire about.(Tranny,Valves,etc).



I got an 02 and had really no major problems knock on wood. Get an air box seal kit from PC racing or other companies and keep the spokes tight and oil changed. I love mine, especially when its ahead of an 05 moodel....... :cry:

I have one that I have to admit I HAVE ABUSED. But like the earlier posters have suggested - make sure you fix the airbox leak, and stay on top of the spokes. After three hard, hard years of abuse I am finally doing the top end as I have has the titanium valve problems, although the piston and rings, etc., looks perfect and just barely are the oil rings out of spec – the cylinder looks perfect.

I just sent the head and valves to Ron Hamp yesterday to get all new valves and new springs with titanium parts, etc. Will be replacing the piston with '04 OEM piston, rings, etc. Ron suggested splitting the case and putting in a new crank for insurance - I haven't decided on that one yet. Net, Net is - take off the valve cover and check the valve clearance - if you have little on no clearance on the intake side, negotiate the price down by at least $500 as you will need it to for the rebuild. Use the stock air filter, or one like it, and KEEP IT REALLY CLEAN and properly oiled - almost every ride - my guess is that the filth coming into the intake is abrading the titanium coating on the stock valves.

Lastly, I have only run Amsoil in the bike and I am amazed at how perfect the internals look. One last thing - my clutch basket is worn (to be expected) and believe it or not I am just going to file the grooves down and get another year out of it. The clutch plates and springs are still well in tolerance as they are only 1.5 years old and I don't use the clutch like I would on a two-stroker. Great bike at a great price - enjoy. If you plan to trail ride soften up the suspension. Check the brake pads – might need new ones front or rear – they are cheap and easy to install. Read the boards for what gearing you might like – I use an O-ring chain and steel sprocket for durability – running 13/50. I am looking over all of the suspension pivot bearing and they look good but will be repacking for insurance. I run the Dunlop 739 FA-J front and 739G rear. Clutch lever is a rattly unit on all of them, but works…. I rebuilt the carb last year – cleaned it out and replaced the accelerator pump – easy to do. I use pro-taper handlebars.

Have fun!

Steve - NorCal


I agree - I checked mine last year and they are spot on - so in the last several months the intakes were finally used up. I think it is just normal wear on these things, and the aggressiveness of the Honda crank. Just check them on the bike you are considering buying. One last think - check to make sure the fork seals aren't leaking.

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