KLR250 Top End Noise *DELETED* *DELETED*

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I have had the same thing lately. My bike has around 4000 miles on it and about 500 miles ago it started making a rattle at a certian rpm. It seemed to do it constantly at around 55mph and when I hit the rpm equivalent going through the gears. It did it on a 100 mile road trip to the sand dunes and then after running the thing like crazy for 4 hours the noise was gone the whole way back. However it since returned. I have taken it to the mountain and once again ran the hell out of it for a day and it rattles but runs fine. My little brother has an XT225 and he says his rattles all the time and is normal. I think it is the cam chain or something close and until I hear differently I am not going to worry about it too much. I was a little puzzeled also at first and still am.

Its hard for me to judge your rattle without hearing it of course, but I had a timing chain that caused a rattle on a different bike. I measured it per the manual and it was ok, but I replaced it anyway and poof sudden quiet. That was obviously my source of clicking noises from the top of the engine. It sounded like valves clicking, but it was the chain. It did it all the time once the bike was above a low idle. A real low idle and it would be quiet. I ran it for quite a while too, but it bothered me. I had an xt225, and I don't remember any rattle, but the bike didn't have many miles on it either.

Was changing the timing chain very difficult and how much did it cost? Also, isn't the auto cam chain tensioner supposed to keep the chain tight and would possibly resetting that help? Mine only has around 4000 on it. That seems kinda short for needing a new chain.

The timing chain is about $80 bucks for a KLX. Should be about the same for the KLR. I don't know how much it is to change one since I had it changed at the same time I did a valve job. Definately a lot quieter and "newer" sounding with the new chain.

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