650L question to buy or not?

I figure I should ask the people that ride XR650Ls if I want advice about them.

I own a 400DRZS and I am quite happy with it. It meets my needs like (I hope) the XRs meet your needs.

My neighbor use to ride a Honda 350 Scrambler (twin), mostly street. That was a long time ago. He is now ready to get another bike for riding 80% street and 20% dirt roads and light trails. He is about 5’ 9’ and is concerned about how tall the XR is. He thinks the DR is too tall. And I told him the DR seat is pretty poor for any length of riding double.

He is a Honda fan and will likely buy Honda.

The questions are:

How does the XR650L ride double and is the seat comfortable for riding a few hours per day? Is there good stability at 50-70 MPH? He weighs about 190 and his girl friend weighs about 130 lbs.

Any help you could give would be appreciated.


ED :)

Shortcut, I cannot tell you how tall is too tall, only that there are after market seats and lowering links if it is too tall. In my opinion the seat is the best in it's class, that being said I personally would not want to be caught 2-up on it for more than an hour or two at the most. The max weight rating for the bike is 290lbs, I am 220 and my g/f is 125 and have had no issues riding 2-up and it is very stable due to the wieght I guess. The seat comfort and height issue are up for interpretation. If he rides mostly on the street likes Honda and wants a dual sport there is really only one choice (XR650L). The KLR is a not as dirtworthy and the DR sucks on the road so it will have to be a compromise to decide whether he wants to have fun in the dirt or ride 2-up on the road for long distances. In my opinion unless he has an Iron Butt and a very forgiving girlfriend he can't have both, that being said I believe from the information you have given the XR would be the best (Dual Sport) compromise if he can deal with how tall the bike is. Other than that I would tell him to get a full-on touring streetbike and go slow on the dirt roads if he is looking to tour with his girlfriend.

Just my .02 cents

The XR650L is a much better street bike than the DRZ. On the street, the heavier weight is an advantage. I expect the DRZ may be better in the dirt, as it is lighter? You can soften up the rear suspension, and the seat will sit alot lower. I am 6 ft, 210lbs, and love the height on the street, but am not as comfortable with it on heavy dirt. I ride my 135 lb friend on the back for short trips. Its a great bike! If your friend wants to ride 80% street, he should get the XR. If he wants to ride 80% dirt, he should get the DRZ...


2002 XR650L

1999 XR200R

1996 ATK 250


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