Someone told me hollister was not going to let any bike over 450cc in any more. is this true? like a crf 450 can't ride their. also if you have a crf 450 that dmv sent a green sticker can you ride thier before NOv 1st? heard carnagie is not letting you ride until NOv 1st even though dmv sent a green sticker?


NO.I rode there 2 weeks ago.It was crowded but had a nice time.stopped to air up and the ranger asked if I wanted to sound check my bike,It passed.he said the yz450's were failing the sond check though.saw a couple of life flights come outa there.

even if the dmv screwd up and sent you a green sticker, the rangers check the vin number and thats how they can tell :cry:

My YZ450F got 99db, so I had to buy a FMF Q which scored 96db and I passed.

If you have a green sticker on a red sticker bike they will peel it off and send you home. They contact the DMV to send you a RED sticker.

I've heard nothing about outlawing 450cc bikes, I'd say that is a TT rumor.

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