Just got my bike!

I brought it home on Wednesday and I can't wait to get out this weekend. I'm still breaking it in and leaving it stock for a little while...at least 'til next week. I was away from dirt bikes for about 5 years, so I figured the WR250 would be enough of a bike for now, and I can modify it if I need more power. I live in Vegas and would definitely like to eventually get out and meet some other local riders. Anybody have any suggestions or FYI's regarding the '04 model that aren't in the FAQ or obvious spots? Thanks.

Congratulations on the new bike! I LOVE my WR. Be sure and do the three main free mods: throttle stop, grey wire, and remove the air box snorkel. Then take out the stock baffle, and replace it with a GYT-R tip for $40. It'll make it a completely different bike. Have fun and be sure and read the "New Owners Please Read" post at the top of the list. Most of this is in obvious places, but just making sure. Welcome to TT!

Welcome to TT

As stated above by some very respectable members......FREE MODS, FREE MODS, FREE MODS.....then hang on. :cry:

I have riddin mine for a few months now and LOVE it as well. I am starting to fine tune the carb now (got a JD jet kit on the way). don't spend the money on the power now untill you do the jet kit (my mistake). I also changed the tires after the first ride. the 739 front wanted to wash out on me all the time.

Keep up with the oil changes, and enjoy :cry:

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