2005 CRF50 Prices?

Has anyone recently bought a 2005 CRF50F? If so, what was your OTD price if you don't mind me asking.

I just bought the new CRF450 and now my 3 year-old daughter wants a red bike!


Had two dealers in the San Jose, CA area quote $1295 otd

in the past week. Have seen lower prices on Cycletrader.com

Do you mind if I ask which dealers?


$1250 OTD in Washington Indiana. My little girl wanted a GREEN bike( like daddy's) , so I put Aceribis plastic and a black seat cover on it. See my Avatar. :cry:

Honda Milpitas (even have signs on the bikes with the otd price) and Peninsula Honda in Sunnyvale.

If anyone is interested, I have very good stock 2001 XR50 for $750 in St. Louis area. Ridden by son from just after he turned 5 to just after he turned 8 (he now weighs only 60 lbs), now has XR70. Not adult ridden, except putting around yard in 1st gear slowly.

Has normal scrathes, but burns no oil. Hasn't been started in a while (2-3 weeks) so I started it and of course started on first kick.

Complete with manual, both keys and toolkit.

Would make an excellent Christmas present.

$1250 OTD from LA Cyclesports in Los Angeles :cry:

Just picked up a 2005 this past Saturday. Paid $1201 OTD. I am located in NJ. Dealer has 1 left. Burger's Honda/Suzuki. www.burgersmotorcycles.com/

Southern Honda is selling them for $750 OTD I believe.

Honda is offering 300 Honda bucks back on left over 05's I just picked up one for my son $1050 otd

1100 OTD in fort collins co

$999 otd Naults honda Manchester NH

603-669-7220 ask for Keith

yep, southern powersports is the best otd price for any honda. i got lucky and paid $300 for my 2002 xr50 from a lady who's daughter just didn't ride it anymore!

I just bought my son one 4 weeks ago and paid $899 OTD at LA Cycle Sports in Los Angeles. At that time Honda was offering $300 Honda bucks.

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