Making new turn signal mounts that eliminate the spacer

Hey guys,

Well this weekend I'll be playing with the milling machine here at work (if I get time). My plan is to make a 1/2" thick spacer/adapter that will take the place of the stock spacer. This will tuck the lights up closer but still use the stock rubber mount. I know some guys have just removed the spacer and slipped the signal stub through the bracket, etc. but I wanted to retain some "give" by being able to use the rubber bushing. By the time I'm done it should look pretty cool and hopefully work nicely. I'm planning to tuck the front ones a little and while there I'm going to remove the round reflectors on the fender and replace them with maybe 1x2" reflectors on either side on the headlight number plate (near the mounting screw) This will keep it legal but won't look as goofy as the mickeymouse ear reflectors. Then I'm going to make a bracket to move my rear blinkers forward and tuck them a little. My state requires 9" between them so I'll still be legal. And hopefully I'll get my bracket made for the stock taillight which I plan to mount just barely sticking out from the fender so the reflectors on either side of it are still visible (for the legal beagles)

Sorry for going on and on about this but I think the little spacer jobbies will be neat.....the wife didn't want to hear about it, so I had to tell you guys! :cry:


When ya get done post some pics. Maybe somebody else'll want some too.

sound neat. Let us see pics when you are done. I know about the wife thing, I had to expain to her just today why I "needed" new gears.

this is how "machinist" started :cry:

please post pics, sell 'em here and show the wifey that you are an entrepeneur :cry: :cry:

Love that avatar :cry: Where can I get me some of that green stuff :cry: Then I won't have to explain to the wife why my DRZ needs... :cry:

I'll post some pics soon of the installed pieces. I can't even begin to call myself a machinist. What Machinist produces is VERY NICE work! I'm more of a hack when it comes to the milling machine.

The new spacers are on the bike right now. It was a limited success because I only lost 0.9" with my spacer,due to it is still 1/2" thick to accodate the mounting screws etc. Basically the out side of my spacer is the "coffin" shape of the rubber gasket and then the inside was machined out so that the turn signal's coffin shaped lip would fit into my spacer. The two are then screwed together and mounte back up like stock. Anyway, it's a good prototype set. Made a few mistakes but can't really tell with them I painted them with Black Rustoleum Textured paint which blends nicely with the turn signal's plastic. I had a few little gaps from where I turned the mill the wrong way :cry: but overall I think it looks better than stock. I'm also thinking about making new brackets for them that are straight instead of the stockers that stick out I guess 3/4". we'll see how that goes.

If I ever make more of those spacers, I think I am going to machine them from plastic and also get my boss to buy some more fixtures for the shop. See, our "milling machine" is one of those 3-in-1 drill press, lathe, mill. It's only used as a drill press for the stainless pipe we work with, so needless to say I was working with what I had.

Sorry for the long post.


Well, I took pictures but I need to upload them. What is the format for putting a picture in the text?

Also, I picked up some 1/4" aluminum today (freebie!) and I am going to make another set of spacers. I figured out a way to make them 1/2 as thick so my original prototypes prabably won't even see the dirt! The second version should be nicer. I'm also working on the spacer for the stock taillight. My spacer puts the taillight right against the stock undertail section but is wedged shaped to that the taillight sits level and not angled up like what happens when the stock spacer is removed. I'll post pics soon...I hope.


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