white bros carbon pro

ok so i just installed the white bros carbon pro on my 04 crf 450, and i am very impressed with the power gain from this pipe, i am very impressed with the gain in mid range power.

pipe is very loud, i will admitt that.

now i know you guys are probully going to beat the hell out of this pipe, and mostlr because of the price, now i bought the pipe from a friend on mine, who maybe put 30 hrs on the pipe, he got hurt this summer, and haven't been ablt to ride, i only paid 1/3 the price of the pipe, so to me it was worth it, if i had to pay full price i probully wouldn't have bought the pipe, but after installing the pipe and riding the bike, i am very impressed, just my thought on this pipe, even tho i know a lot of guys think its way to expensive.

i paid full price for mine and im happy with it. :cry:

after riding the bike with the pipe, i would pay full price for the exhaust aswell, but if i hadn't riden the bike with the exhaust, i would be scared away by the high price, but now that i have ridden the bike with the pipe i fell its worth it.

I have it on my 03 as well, it was on the bike when I bought it. I honestly couldn't tell you how it helps performance wise because I've never ridden it with the stock can, but I will say that it's loud as hell and gets me a lot of compliments. People just love the way that pipe looks, and so do I. :cry:

:cry: i got mine for free from a friend at WB and couldnt be happier with it. I have had no problems with the pipe and got many hours on it. I been in love with the pipe since I saw it on K dubs bike at anaheim 1 and was gonna buy it regardless of the price but free always makes things just a bit better. :cry:

i liked the pipe for the look aswell, the power gain is a bonus.

hey did you noticed that your pipe sticks out further past the number plate then k-dubs, just cut it down 2 inches, and it looks just like k-dubs, trick!!

i used a hacksaw, removed the rivets from the end cap, mark off 2 inches, and cut the pipe shorter by 2 inches, reinstalled the end cap, rivet in place works mint.

K dubs pipe is nothing like ours considering its a factory backed bike. I do wish it was tucked in like his but I dont know about cutting the pipe up. Glad its working out but I would be afraid it would change the integrity of the carbon canister but who knows.

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