Bike control. pretty cool

Wow! I agree, pretty damn good bike control. I'm impressed.

i wanna know how he doesnt fall fomr dizziness, and how the hell does he remember where to go through all of that! :cry: :cry:


that is good control.

that guy needs a motard not a vfr400......???

And I had a bad enought time passing the DMV course :cry:

Thats pretty amazing, shoot I got dizzy just watching.

WOW !!! But can he do that on knobbies?

HOLY SHINTO.... :cry:

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol:

Cool vid - reminds me of those really fast boat races (the small boats with two ppl in them) around the marshes... the direction guy has to tell him where to go..

Awesome. :cry: I wish I had that kind of balance and control!

Thats Insane, :cry:

Nice Vid :cry:

i saw something like that but with an old mini cooper. the mini was faster.


and heres something that has nothing to do with this

That mini's badass, never seen a car do a stoppie. :cry:

a car doing a stoppie? :cry: how bad ass is that :cry:

Link doesn't work anymore........... :cry:

Nothin' I can do about it.

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