WR 250 or 426 help !

I'm about 5'8'' and I weigh approx 130 pounds. I ride a WR400 with lots of fun, but in some very tight technical passages or when I'm confronted with the weight of the bike (deep mud...) I feel like a little too light compared to the bike. That's why I'm considering a 250, altought like the power of the 400.

What I'm afraid of is that the 250 would have a lack of power. I would like the input of you guys who own a 250 or rode one.


Ynahg, I haven't ridden one but a buddy of mine is a service manager at a Yamaha dealer and he rides a yzf426. The mechanic there rides a yzf250. After my buddy took the mechanic's 250 for a ride, he is convinced that the 250 would be a better proposition, for the very same resons you mentioned In fact, he wants to sell his 426 so he can buy the 250. On the power question, the 250 puts out similar power to the Honda XR400. Oh and he is about 5ft 9 and about 150 pounds.

Hope this helps. :)


Tony Montana

01 WR426

Well, unless your a sick depraived power junkie, off road supioriority freak, who pins your 400 against the rev limiter all the time and wishes there was a 6th gear at least 10 times an hour, the 250F should have plenty of power! You will probably be faster with more control and confidence on the bike after vaulting off the 400 :) . Just sell that 400 off to one of us 6'1 180 lb throttle jockeys who will give it a good home and promise to ride the fenders off it on a regular basis.

I am 6'1 and lowered my forks down as low as I could on my WR :D . The bike is and feels tall! Look at Travis P's RM 125 rear shock sag on the track, he is 6' 2 about 180 lbs!

Ynahg, are you kidding? Sell that beast and get a 250! You will be amazed at how great they are.

Ynahg, Im also 5'8 but I weigh in at 165-170, you will not regret riding the 250 at all!! Have you looked into the KLX 300? Man you're a perfect candidate for that bike, unless you're really fast and crave fifth gear wheelies. The KLX is suppose to handle great and be a real friendly bike, it's also a little smaller that most bikes...

Good luck, Dan

Ynahg, I too am 5'8" and ride the 2000 WR400. One apon a time (about 10 years) I tipped the scales at 130, Now I filling out around 175. (I turn the big 30 Aug. 7th) I have thought about the 250, but refuse to give up the off idle grunt of the 400. If you are racing Hare Scrambles and want to improve your lap times then the 250 is probably the way to go. If you are like me and race some but mainly ride for fun then you might want to just hit the gym a little harder and enjoy the power. After owning the bike for over a year I am going to the YZ style seat/tank to improve handling. But I am not giving up on my big 400.

Ynahg, i'm 5'11", 150#'s & ride a '00WR & love the bike & its power. but, like you, i often feel it is a bit heavy & big for me. the 250F is the ONLY bike i would give up my WR for and for the very reason you state. ride a 250F & you will agree; much lighter feel & very, very nice power delivery. haven't ridden the WR250 but suspect it would be a great alternative as well. i won't part w/my amazing WR until another bike proves itself worthy! cheers, bobwombat

I own a 01 WR426 and I have a buddy that has the 01 WR250..The 250 is a very nice bike,and it surely has a lighter feel! But there is no comparison in power, NOT EVEN CLOSE!! It appears to basically be the same bike except for the engine....See ya!

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