DR350 SE circuit diagram / ignition probs:

Two pleas for help here:

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the DR-350 SE (the 1997 version)?

I have a problem - the bike is currently at the mechanics, and they are about to give up. It's been in the shop for 3 months now. They've taken bits off, taken other things apart and finally given up. So I'd like to look at it myself, but the Clymer manual which I have is for the non-electric-start models, so not much help.

Symptoms: it died whilst riding in the wet and wouldn't restart. It's in the garage now, they describe the problem as it'll turn over with the starter button pressed, but once the starter is released, the engine dies. The batteries been replaced, they've rewound the generator and we've changed the CDI unit, all to no avail. Still has the same fault. They're tearing their hair out, so am I.

So I'd appreciate anyone with the circuit diagrams for the bike, and/or anything to check would be handy.

Cheers, and apologies to anyone who's seen this cross-posted at other places, I'm just kinda desperate now after not seeing my bike for three months..

does it have spark when its turning over?

I believe so: the shop it's at say it sparks&fires when turning over, but stops when you take your thumb off the starter motor...

I will try and get you a copy of the electrical diagram. I loaned my shop manual out and it has not been returned. I would be suspicious of an electrical problem if it has spark turning over. Does the bike even make an attempt to fire up while cranking over? Is the plug wet after cranking it over? A weak coil maybe. don't rule out a clogged carb. Do a compression check also, if you sucked a load of water it could take out the valves or even bend a rod.

Thanks, that'd be much appreciated if you could. I don't think it is the valves as the bike shop have actually had it cranking over at one point (or at least with the starter on).

I picked up my manual this morning, How would you like the copy of the electrical diagram? email fax etc? I don't know how to post pictures.

I'll pm my e-mail address to you if that's the easiest way...

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