Tackling my valves today. Any advice to a non mech. type?!?

Just went to a couple of auto part stores and none of them carried the meter. I want to shim my valves today, but kind of hard without the correct tools! Any suggestions before I try to tackle these valves?? Never done it before.

Right .007

Left .008 :cry:

ex. .014 :cry:

decomp .014 with .014 inserted in ex. :cry:

Do you have the service manual? That will walk you through all of it. Make sure that when you take the cam sprocket off that you zip tie the chain and sprocket together so stuff doesn't fall all over the place.

Also make sure to take the sprocket off at TDC. There are 2 allen heads that hold the sprocket on. Make sure you remove the one opposite of TDC first. Then turn the motor over to TDC and remove the other allen head. If you take them off starting at TDC you will be 180 degrees off.

Good luck, have fun and take your time the first time. Better safe than sorry. :cry: :cry:

Here is the manual info btw(in case you don't have one)

***Warning*** This is a 105 MegaByte file - high speed connection recommended!

CRF Manual download

User name: Seppy

Password: lljk

pdf file password: motocd

I got a micrometer at Steves Wholesale Tools, discount tool company. I just reshimed a buddies 2004 two nights ago. There is a formula in your owners manual that will give you the correct size ship to use. Good Luck Justin

What the hell are you crying for, at least you're on the loose side of spec. Wait till the intakes go to zero clearance, then you'll have a reason to cry :cry: !!!

What kind of meter are you referring to? Normally all you need is a good set of feeler gauges and the phone number to your nearest Honda dealer to order new shims.

No, I don't have a shop manual. Thank you sooo much!!! :cry: I will download it and go step by step. I will take those cautions into account. I was talking about a micro meter that the owners manual refers to about checking the shims. I guess I don't need it after all. As for as crying...well, it was out of tolerances. I thought out of tolerances either tight or loose was bad! Speaking of being on the loose side. Why would they loosen up? :cry: I understand when they go to zero you have to replace the valves soon after.

Did you check them after you broke the bike in? If you never checked them they were probably never right form the factory. That's why it's good to check them after break-in so you have a starting point.

You may need a dial caliper or micrometer depending on if you can read the #'s on the shims. Also, sometimes you can swap shims form side to side so you only need to buy one shim.

I checked them when I got the bike and the left intake was .007 and everything else was spot on.

If I can adjust the valves, YOU CAN DO IT!

You just need the thing that measures the gaps. Get the thinnest one you can find. (Sears)

-Make sure you blow dirt out of the spark plug area first.

-ziptie the cam sprocket and chain together

-take your time

My 1st time adjusting the valves took me 2 hours.

After a couple of times, I got it down to 30 minutes.

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