EnduroCross-Pretty cool stuff


Anyone heard of this? Would be cool to go check it out..

The track is filled with obstacles, though, and is similar to what could be found on the most difficult sections of off-road events like enduros and hare scrambles. The racers have to negotiate boulders, rock fields, jumps built of logs, sand, and even water sections.

"This is really the ultimate test of skills on a difficult enduro-style track, mixed in with a Supercross format," said Promoter Eric Peronnard. "The concept has proven very successful in Spain, drawing large crowds and providing tremendous race action. It is truly nonstop entertainment."



WOW! That looks pretty cool! :cry:

Now THAT is something I would go to see (especially in the winter). :cry:

It will be great as long as Clear channel keeps their noses out of it.

Looks pretty stinking cool, I'd go. Hope they have one near me. :cry:

It will be great as long as Clear channel keeps their noses out of it.

They will...until it becomes popular. Then lookout! :cry:

I'll be there, I can't wait to see it in person.

That not only looks kewl but it looks like it would be fun to do!!!! :cry:

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