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Walker Valley - New DNR Contact

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Hi folks!

I thought I better get an e-mail out to you to introduce mayself and let you

know that I'm the new kid on the block replacing Tom Murley since he has moved

on to State Parks. I've been on the job just over 2 weeks. Although I'm not

new to DNR, I am new to the public use and recreation arena of the agency, so I

have a lot to learn. One thing I do know is that even though the area I'm

responsible for includes the south half of the region down to King County, one

of the most important areas is Walker Valley and the people that use and enjoy

the ORV site. So I plan on spending a large part of my time focused on Walker


A couple things you are probably already aware of but I thought I should

mention: We have two fairly significant grants for Walker Valley to keep moving

forward on (one maintenance and one capital improvements). There is a little

over a year on the lifetime for these grants. If you have been to WV lately you

may have noticed a couple of DNR crews working on the trails. One of these

folks is Rick Foster. Rick is our on-the-ground person mainly involved in the

capital improvement work. Rick has a 4-person crew that is funded by the grant.

He and I do a lot of checking in with each other. As Mike Dolfay put it 'we

are darned lucky to have Rick on the ground!'. Josh Kelley, who is also very

familiar with the trail system, has moved into Rick's old job until March

running the WCC (Washington Conservation Corp) crew that is doing some of the

maintenance grant work on WV. I want to thank Rick and Christ Thomsen for

helping me get on my feet with Walker Valley (I'm not standing yet) and I'm

going to need your help and the other users and user groups to get me up to

speed on all the history and needed work. Feel free to contact me (e-mail is

best) with any needed work on the trails as you run across it.

We also have a sign project that was originally initiated by Northern Toys 4WD

Club. This project was rolled into the capital improvement grant that we are

currently working on. As I understand it, this grant will require a combined

effort using volunteers. I'm hoping to meet with the various user groups to

figure out the best approach to installing signs in the right places. We are

doing some signing right now, but the lion's share needs a coordinated plan with

the user groups.

So the next thing I would like to do is to meet with the user groups. I

believe there was an advisory committee put together and I would like to get

something like that going again. I will be contacting you through a list I

inherited of group contacts, if you were on that group send me an e-mail and

give me some history on it.

Last but not least, I wanted to mention that I am committed to doing whatever I

can to improve the Walker Valley ORV Park for the enjoyment of those that use it

and to do it in a manner that respects the fact there are adjacent neighbors and

that it is located in a working forest.

Thank you and see you on the trails soon! Jim

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Hi folks!

I thought I better get an e-mail out to you to introduce mayself and let you.............. As Mike Dolfay put it 'we

are darned lucky to have Rick on the ground!'.......................

Whoa!! Is Mike Dolfay back in the ORV Scene?? Working for DNR? USFS?

From my experience, Mike is the best friend we've ever had. Does anyone know what he's doing now?

Thanks.. :cry:

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Mike has been working with the DNR on contract for the last couple of years. His main focus has been on Walker Valley 4x trails, but is also consulting on bike trails and has looked at Reiter and the Northfork. Yep he is a good guy to have helping with trails, seems to want to leave the challenge in them instead of just paving a path through the forest. He is at alot of the work parties up there.


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Since you have brought up WV, a couple of years ago I believe it was closed. Or at least that was what I was told. It seems to me it was for the winter. So does WV have a season similar to Capital Forest or is it open all year round like Tahuya. Thanks. :cry:

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A couple of years ago they closed it down for the winter but then was partially opened back up about a month later. There are still talks of seasonal partial closeures if the trails get to bad, but with having the work crews up there doing maintenance and reroutes it looks like that won't be happening. Keep in mind that they have been doing quite abit of logging up there the last couple of years so a number of trails have been trashed and need to be rebuilt.


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