Steering stabilizers

No offense to any of the current manufacturers, but I don't like any of the current stabilizers ONLY because of the way they are mounted - Scotts and GPR are top bar mounted (GPR2.0 excluded) And although the GPR 2.0 answers my concerns for safety I am not sure if I want the higher bars as a result along with what seems to be limitations on front to back bar placement options (bar offset)

BRP has a under bar mount kit for the Scotts called the sub mount - again the bars are raised quite a bit - over an inch minimum more than stock. Again, front to back bar positioning options may not be available... did not check on this.

Scotts has a fender mount that looks like it is well made but it is ugly as heck. WER is fender mounted and ugly - (I would likely buy the WER though)

RTT is awseome in design but too expensive upfront (yes, I know if I buy aftermarket clamps and a stabilizer the cost is about the same, but I already bought my aftermarket clamps... Emig Racing clamps - and they are great by the way - well machined, looks solid, nice design, and they fit perfect!)

All this comes because of the pics of Windams and Charmichels "factory" under the number plate damper - way cool - not in your face, not sticking off the front of your bike like a tumor.

I ride MX only, I think that once I set it, I would likely leave it alone - in other words, I do not feel that it would be necessary to have the "on the fly" adjustments that many of the units feature - my shocks and forks are not on the fly adjustable... if it is off ya head back to the truck and grab a screwdriver.

So - who knows anything about the factory damper, how it works, etc.

I searched the internet to see if someone is making something different to the current popular units - unless it is for street bikes, there are no competing designs.

Am I the only one who likes this idea? the only one who would buy it or use it?

What do you folks think?

Hold on for another 3 to 4 months and you may just see something you like better than all these solutions. If you're racing the 1000 this next month, then keep a keen eye out for new products :cry:

Come on, give us a hint. That could be close to tax return time. :cry:

I know that Emig racing has one coming out soon - but that is not secret - it is on thier website - is this the unit you are refering to - or - if not ... well at least hint to some of the differences about the unit you are aware of ...

I had a bad get off today at RedBud in the mud - 4th gear pretty much tapped over the ski jump, land in the mud and swap-swap-launch! (not sure if the stabilizer would have helped... seems like it would have - I suck big time in mud, poster child for what not to do) My friend said the crash was fairly wild - lucky that the mud was big time soft.

I looked further into the BRP sub mount for the Scotts - I am liking it quite a bit - with the right bars you can achieve "normal" stock bar heights. But that cost plus the stabilizer will add up a bit.

So you say hold on - I will if the price/performance/mounting is worth it.

Thanks for the heads up


Check out the Flexx Bars from Fasstco. They offer a version that makes space for the stabilizer and bar pad.

Full Circle Cycle


Dude! Your right. I've got a WER and it rocks! But it looks pretty stupid, and you have to cut into your number plate! I don't like the ones on the top clamps though!

But I'd love to see they one that is hidden away that is a "secret".


Give us a bit more info - this is not industrial espionage, but like Yamaha_85 says - the WER rocks but just don't look right - If I go with the Scotts and BRP sub mount, it is around $500 - that ain't chump change but the product combo looks like a great solution -

Drop us a couple more hints to go on, the winter is almost here so really I don't need one until around March - of course I will be out this weekend riding "swappy" - my messed up CRF (due to a revalve that went bad…) - lets not get into "fix the suspension, don't band-aid it with the stabilizer" I plan to do both... I am at the point that I think a stabilizer will be a benefit for the type of riding that I do.

I really like the Honda "Works" design - solves all current complaints against any of the stabilizers. If I can have that, (and of course it must work as good as the WER or Scotts) I will wait...

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