Brushy Mountain vs Uhwarrie?

hey, anyone ever ride at Uhwarrie?? How does it compare to Brushy Mountain?


03 KLX 400R Uncorked, more mods to come

Brushy is a lot better in my eyes.

I went one time to Uhwarrie on sport ATV's and swore to never go back. Way too many rocks and traffic for me.

I still love Brown Mt. and it is my favorite overall, but it has been closed for a while because of storm damage.

yea, try it on 2 wheels, it will wear you out, I tore every muscle on my leg from my butt to my knee the first time I rode there. We have rode there 4 times and that is it, I wont be back there to soon. I have heard of Brown Mountain may go when they open agian. I hear that Brushy is kinda expensive?

I won't go back to uhwarrie. Brushy Mountain is soooo much better.

I'll never go there. :cry:

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