XR650L Newbie Questions

Ok, after reading pretty much all of the post's on jetting I'm sure

you are about tired of seeing this as a subject but try and humor me

for a sec. I am trying to prevent having to tear down the carb twice

due to my lack of research. I have an 02 650L and will rejet this

month when my FMF Q series slip on gets to me. I will take off the

snorkel and open up the airbox and I have the block off kit, Uni

filter, and Dyno jet kit to try and prevent any unnecessary drilling.

I have 650 miles on it, live in Atlanta(Sea Level I will assume) and

will adjust the valves when I tear it down.

1.) Does anyone know from first hand experience what the optimum

configuration as far as Main jets and Pilot settings as well as clip

positions would be?

2.) This will be the first time I adjust the valves on any bike

myself, is there a specific guage/tool required? I will have a

friend who works on bikes there to assist(read: keep me from screwing

up). Should I adjust the valves before or after I jet to rule out

any valve issues when trying to troubleshoot the jetting?

3.) Is there a particular reason why I see so many people with the

14/48 gearing as opposed to just swapping the front to a 13 or a 14

countershaft sprocket, and I have seen where the stock XR 600

sprocket fits this bike, is it true and where could I find the best

13 tooth to be sure I am not damaging my splines?

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