What are the symptoms of valve problems?

I have read many of the reports about valve problems with the CRF250. What are the typical symptoms of valve problems? As far as I know my 250X is still working perfectly - but maybe I don't know what to look for. It still runs great, has good power, and I don't burn any oil. I had the dealer do the 20 hour service, which included adjusting the valves. Other than that, I haven't checked them. Are there other symptoms to look for?

It'll be nearly impossible to start when cold.

Hard starting when cold.

Just hard to start at all times!

once again, hard starting. You may hear em knocking at idle.

Mine was running fine. Easy to start when cold. 2-3 kicks (at most) when riding. I didn't want to wait for really bad symptoms, so I checked the valves. Rt.In was at zero, left was in spec. Both Ex. were off.

You say your dealer adjusted the valves. Do you know if they had to reshim? Do you have the before & after on clearances?

For anybody else wondering about when you should check the valves, follow Heckler's guide (top link in this forum) and check them regularly. Don't wait to notice a difference in power or starting!

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