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drz 110 pro circuit exhaust question

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Is this the only mod you have done?

If you did the air box mod you will need to rejet.

I would try the bike out before I made any more adjustments.

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I run the TWO BROS. air filter instead of the stock air box. Remember if you use this set up, the air filter is in the path of debris from the front tire.

For your jetting question. I use a #90 main jet and #42 pilot jet, with an adjustable needle.

On the mods to make it snappier, a cam would be a good start. It all depends on the rider tho.Pipe and air filter are a must before any other mods. As you can see my daughters 110 has almost every mod out there. This bike has been reliable and very low mantnance.

If you are going to mod it, DO IT RIGHT. Spend the extra few $$$$ and make it reliable.

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