MX Ranch off I-10 in CA???

I was headed west on I-10 yesterday and saw this place, so I exited and and checked it out. It says it is a private MX track. It looked pretty cool. What is the scoop on this place?

Where off the I-10 fwy is it?

It is at I-10 and Brookside Ave. in Cherry Valley. It is like 100 feet off the I-10. There are light and some kind of a garage. It looks like someone spent some money on this thing. But it says private so who knows.

I think it might be Suzuki's test track. My son was out in that area last year and saw yellow bikes on a private track.

Just got word from the general section that it is some rich kids track whose parents bought it for them...what a waste!! Apparently never gets used.

Greg Albertyn is building a track out that way too. Dont know if it will be open to the public...

I believe it belongs to Tommy Harrison who rode Suzukis for Team last year. He had a pretty rough go due to injuries, but was a pretty talented rider.

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