Frozen Chain Tensioner Bolts

Both my chain tensioner bolts froze up inside my swing arm. One of them Broke off. What's the best way to get the bolts out or fix the problem. Any aftermarket options? Toke it to a dealer and they didn't want to fix it. Can anyone help?

Best to remove them regularily and use copper anti-sieze grease there.

But now you need to sit the swingarm ends in bean cans full of penetrating oil for a week or so.

Then you need to heat up the end of the swingarm with a hot air gun and get the good bolt out without breaking it. Work it back and forth gently until its really free. Use some more penetrating oil.

The broken one should come out if you drill a hole in it and use a stud extractor then follow the above routine.

stud extractor

This is a pretty common problem with KTM four strokes, so I'm surprised that the dealer won't fix the problem. I'd never patronize them again. Go over to and do a search for this issue. You will find lots of helpful info, along the lines of the items suggested above. Once fixed, best bet is to prevent the problem from recurring againn.

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