Project 250f PICS!!!!






UNREAL!! That is the sweetest ride around. Man, do you even wanna ride the thing? I wouldn't. Sweet, just sweet!!!!

Sweet bike!! I don't think its ever touched dirt!

I would lose the tank though..

Did you do that paint? How did you paint the plastics? The skulls are sweet. :cry:

That is the kind of dirt bike that put on display in your living room. I would hate to ride that or even throw a boot over it and scratch it while getting on.

This is LensMoto's bike for that Red Bull enduro race in Arizona this weekend. Ill post the "after" pics on monday. Danny Albert did the paint.

Looks like the tank is molded into the shrouds?

Nice but too nice for a dirt bike!

There's a wheel shop that anodizes plastic...I have no clue how they do that or that you could but it looks sweet. Had a black KX250 with green flames.

its a 4.7 gallon IMS tank.

U californians are crazy.

:cry: :cry:

Very COOL. Keep her upright! I would cry if I dumped that thing. :cry:

:cry: :applause:I kept it on two wheels the whole 50 miles not a ding in the plastics Butt BIG HOLE IN THE CASE, No brakes for the last ten miles. The race was a blast butt had 20 min fule problem got it back up and runnig with 1 zip tie and a nife and still finished the under 60 min so that means50 miles in 40 min Steve Hengeveld was the only one to beat that dam train that I know of I think he did it 30 mins or less my wife clock him at about 107mph and myself at about 78mph I had that bike pinned the whole way never thout that the bike could run that good. I geard it with a 48 sprocket and man that did the job!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is the best paint job i have seen on a bike :cry:


The bike looks awesome!!! Thank you Brian for dedicating your ride to Brett! It sure means a lot! Thanks to everyone who helped put it all together so Brian had a bike to ride!

Sweet paint job! Here's hopiing it still gets ridden to within an inch of it's life (which, if it's a race bike, it probably will be!) :cry:

Hey Riffer, what's your avatar from? Do you own an HD147?

sweet jesus u have no life

Cool bike...............

sweet. I would hate to crash and scratch her up

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