z-start idle

my problem is I get my jet's set and my idle in a good position and everything is good but while I'm ridding sometimes the idle won't hold it will drop down lower and die in a hard braking cornner?? I'm using the big spring and it's just about as tight as it will go. Any ideas? :cry:

First off, don't use the heavy spring or a high stall speed to try to solve a stalling problem, you'll just get yourself into other trouble.

If your idle is erratic, check your hot start. Make sure it returns all the way, on it's own. You may need to remove the cable from the carb and clean everything up. Always use a dry lube fror your cables (teflon or graphite).

If you're using the perch adjuster, make sure your lever freeplay is correct (this is the stock adjuster that is built into the perch). Adjust for about a half inch of play at the end of the lever with the engine in neutral and the engine revved to about 3000 rpms.

If your still having problems, make sure your clutch cable is well lubricated also and there is nothing binding it. If you still have problems, give us a call at 1-866-REKLUSE.


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