Why do you have to...

Why is it in PA that when you buy a bike from a dealer you have to purchase the title from the state? It seems that this is nothing more then to make money for the state. We don't need titles for dirt bikes because we can't register them to get tags anyways. I can see with 4-wheelers and their tags to ride on state lands. But I really don't understand why we need them for bikes. I think from now on I'm just going to have to buy all my stuff from out of state to avoid paying title and tax fees. Will a bill of sale from another dealer be the same in this state? :cry:

To get insurance for your bike you need a title.


How many people have put insurance on their bikes? Is it just incase it gets stolen? I know where you are at in Howard Co. I would worry about them being stolen, especially down in Columbia.

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