Steering Stabilizers

Anyone using one of these. I've been mostly riding high speed two tracks and really notice the headshake in soft gravel. Been thinking of a Scotts kit but choked on the price. Is it worth the $650? Can you get it cheaper anywere else? Is there another brand that works as well? Thanks again!

If you are riding at high speed it's not worth the $ until the stab saves your butt from a crash that can keep you from working on Monday! I think the 650R is a fairly stable bike at speed, at least compared to my last bike (97 CR250). It should get rid of the high speed shakes, but its the hidden rock, root or rut yaahooie where it will earn the $ you spent on it. When that happens you have to reach up and give the stab a little love tap to show your appreciation.

A company call GPR sells a stab kit which in my opinion is just as good as Scott's and I think it is a little less $. I have the Scotts because I retained it from another bike, but I would not hesitate to buy the GPR. Either one is good preventative insurance.

DrDirt :)

I run Scott's on both my bikes and I like them.

For desert sand washes it is the only way to fly, especially when that hidden large rock jumps out and kisses your front tire. After jetting and a pipe mod it is my second choice for spending money.

Thump it till it hurts!

Yeah, hey man, along the same lines as DrDirt........If it saves you from either missing work, or a visit to the hospital, it's totally worth it........

Dodger :):D

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