Anyone ever tried these

It looks dangerous :cry: I don't like how the ring is two peices :cry:

I've never used them on a bike, but I've had good success with total seal rings in a few car engines. I'd use them again :cry:

I am using them in the 306 in my Mustang. I would not be afraid to use them on a bike.

It looks dangerous :cry: I don't like how the ring is two peices :cry:

what looks dangerous about the ring being in two pieces?

they have been around for a long time in high performance automotive applications. it seems like it would be fine in a bike engine.

They are fantastic!!!

I have some in my offroad VW sandrail that have been in for over 5 years. 9.5 to 1 compression.

Did a compression check on all 4 cylinders this summer and the were all withing a couple pounds of 170 Whooo hoooo

I was sure happy.

They were a pain to install and you do have to take care but they are going into my next engine rebuild on whatever.

ive had breakage with them in motorcycle apps.


All I can say is we use Total Seal rings

(not the 2 piece) in our fuel dragster-

no problems at all, but they get replaced

more often than you would in a bike-

reputable outfit, but take Burned's

comments as he's had experience with

them for your application.

They look like a good idea, though...

Hi EZGZ long time no hear from bro. I'd heard of them in racing bugs too but a bike turns quite a bit faster I'd be pretty dang leary of them for a motorcycle. They work good in cars though. Doubt that helps ya any but it's better than installing and smoking your motor now ain't it. prairiedawg :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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