Who did you go with for your CR/XR conversion ?

Alright so here is the big question who is the perfered person to get your CR85 / XR conversion done by ? Just purchased a 2004 CRF150 and taking out the motor of it to swap into a used 2004 CR85 expert I just picked up yesterday. Already sold the CR85 motor for 1K and now have a chassis for my conversion. I am selling off the 2004 crf150 chassis which is only about a month old is any one is interested BTW :cry:. Going to be starting a conversion in the next week or so and am sorta confused on who to go with.

I am not trying to start a big argument of who is better than who, but rather who has which setup and what are there likes and dislikes about there setups. There are 3 vendors that I know that do the conversion DMC, PRC and Bling bling BBR model which is a little to rich for my blood.

1. Which swap did you do and why ?

2. What kind of ridding do you typically ride ( Motocross or Trail Ride ) ?

3 Have you ridden another conversion and how did there's compare to your swap ?

4. Cleanness of swap ( 1 - 5 ) ?

5. Easy of Swap ( 1- 5 ) ?

* ( Did you have to modify any parts after to get them to work correct. )

6. How does the bike turn ( 1- 5 ) ?

7. Would you do anything different if anything ?

Conversion Choices

Dave Miller ( DMC ) been around for a while and has done a tone of conversions.

The CRX200 conversion is a no core/ core frame jig built frame that comes with all needed parts:

special titanium coated pipe

intake manifold

front and rear sprockets

engine mounts

changes the head angle from stock.

$2099 painted silver (Imron paint)

What you get with the conversion


Swap pictures


PRC ( precision racing components )


Site is flash and can't get pics of there conversion.

Send in your frame and they customize it to fit the CRF150/200 motor.

Custom pipe and silencer

Custom aluminum tank he builds for you with the kit to clear the carb.

intake manifold

engine mounts

$ 1500 for conversion

BBR Aluminum Frame $2999.95 (most models)

Description: Updated for 2003! Adapts mini four-stroke motors to the CR80/Expert chassis. Fully computer designed, CNC machined, with custom extrusions. The ultimate back-yard playbike! Langtown and World Championships winner.

Features: • Includes frame, motor mounts, brake pedal, footpeg mounts, plastic gas tank, air-boot, exhaust system, radiator wings, graphics kit & seatcover, and BBR gascap.

Kit pictures.


• Uses chassis components from 1996-2003 Honda CR80/85 or CR80/85 Expert

To build a complete bike, you will need the following from a CR80/85:

• Front forks including triple clamps, steering stem, bearings, fork guards, and axle.

• Rear shock, swingarm, swingarm bolt, linkage, and all associated bolts, nuts and hardware.

• Front and rear wheels, tires, tubes, axles, brake rotors, sprocket, and all necessary nuts and bolts.

• Subframe, airbox, airbox mud flap, seat, seat foam, fenders, sidepanels, and all mounting hardware.

• Complete brakes including calipers, rotors, hoses, lever/pedal, etc.

Handlebars, controls, clutch lever & perch, throttle, kill button, etc.

• All other mounting hardware & misc parts including but not limited to footpegs, footpeg pins, chain rollers, chain guide, fuel petcock, etc

You do NOT need the stock CR80/85 motor, gas tank, radiator wings, radiator, exhaust pipe, or muffler. You will need almost everything else.

You will also need a mini four-stoke motor (applications listed below), a carb, and all ignition parts. You will need a chain and you may also need a different rear sprocket (please call for applications) for the CR80/85 hub.



If you're going to do it you might as well go nuts and get the BBR. It looks trick, probably performs the best, and for what you get, it actually is the best priced.

You'll probably have 8,000 into once you're done with the BBR, and you have a much nicer product. It would probably hold that value because its BBR, and 4 stroke. If you went the other route you'd probably have 7000 into it, so I say spend the extra 1,000 if you are really serious about doing it.

from xr_to_cr is right. If you want to spend the cash, which you dont. :cry:

However, If I were to do another one, I would probably go with DMC. There is a bunch of theme out there, His work is super sano and a few peeps in here have them(socal will chim in on this :cry:)

As far as the prc one is concerned. I dont know much about them, so cant comment there.

Doing the 150 conversion into the oem 85 frame is ALOT of work. DMC raises the tank and subframe to clear the motor. This allows you to use the stock tank and plastic. It also adds alot of modifying to the frame.

Most of the other home brew conversions, 150 200 motor. People just make a aluminum tank to fit "around" the motor(like mine) Thats a project in its self. :cry:

You got a killer foundation (04 crf150 motor and 04 cr85)

most of us cant claim that one :cry:

If you think about it, a dmc conversion is 2k and the bbr is 3k. only 1k difference. You didnt think twice about spending 3k on a crf150 and yanking the motor out.

It just depends on what you want :cry:

I'm too bias to answer, but you will never get you money out of a BBR. A number of BBR's have sold on my site for about $4000 - $5000, and one or two even lower. So whatever bike you get plan on losing a ton of money if you sell it. I'm only familier with DMC and BBR and they are both great bikes. When you ride them, they feel almost the same. However, since the 200 motor weighs about 65 lbs, it takes a while to get used to the weight, especially in turns and whoops. If you ever rode a xr100 conversion, it's way different. Xr100 conversion can be whipped, pinned and feel like play bikes, but the 200 can easily hang with big bikes and is pretty stable, but it's less "fun" of a bike.

Get a BBR they RIP!! :cry:


What's the conversion? And why? I'm a little lost....fill me in guys.

What's the conversion? And why? I'm a little lost....fill me in guys.

cr80-85 with an xr80-100, crf150, xr200, crf230, even seen a couple with xr250 motors.

Dingus! where have you been, under a rock??????

J/K man :cry:

Conversion= cr80(85) bigwheel with crf(xr)100, or crf150, xr200 motor stuffed into it.

go check www.socalxrs.com



**edit** pimpin beat me to it :cry:

cr80(85) bigwheel

doesn't neccessarily have to be a bigwheel does it??? i am thinkin about doing a conversion myself....DMC frame, XR200 motor, and well, of course, cr80-85 suspension....but, is there a difference in them besides the obvious wheel sizes? like longer swingarm? longer forks? stuff like that?

Well I got my 04 CR85 big wheel on thur from a guy in WA for get this $ 1995 that looked brand new and is in killer shape. The killer thing is that I already sold the motor for $ 1K on Ebay. So I basically got the 04 CR85 Expert chassis for $ 995 bucks :cry: :cry:. Still gotta sell the carb and a few other things off the 85 that I know I won't use and get some more money back.

Well I took it the 85 for a little trail riding on some trails by my house and my buddy came along and rode my 04 CRF150. First off the 85 was fun for the most part just pin it and fan the clutch :cry: and it would rail. The thing right off the bat was that the 85 seemed pretty small ( like alot smaller than my 150 in where the bars are foot peg layout. I do have the PRC triple clamp with a 2 inch rise on my 150 so that might seem like part of it. PRC is sending some clamps with a 2 inch rise and 1 inch forward for the 85 so that might make it seem bigger. Considering I am 6 feet tall so size does make a difference after riding a while.

So I am thinking about the following ? am I on crack or does this sound like a good idea ??????????

Looking at the two frames of the CRF150 and CR85 side by side and it looks like a lot CR85 stuff would bolt up. Such as the forks from my understanding the triple clamp stem is a little short so you could press out the stem from the 150 and press it in the 85 clamps. ???? Will this work ????

As for the back it would be cool to use the rear 85 swing arm due to the weight savings. It looks like you would have to fab up alot of stuff to get it to work and seems like a hassle ? Has anyone tried this or tried using another swing arm from another bike such as a CR125 or something ? The only reason I would like to use the 85 swing arm would be you could use the rear wheel with the disk on it and save weight. The rear brake lever could easy be adapted on and all I would have to do would be to weld a tab on.

So am I on crack or does this sound like a good idea ??????????


I think a 125/200 conversion would work great. But have you ever ridden a crf250? It feels like a big mod. (conversion) It's the easiest big bike I've ever ridden. After five laps, I was already getting my lap times down to my cr/xr200 lap times and I suck on big bikes. My friend used to have a cr250/xr250 conversion and the CRF250 was way easier to ride. (mainly due to the weight of the xr250 motor). Rather than spending a lot of time and money into a cr125/xr200 conversion, I would consider a CRF250.

Well for the most part this is going to be a play bike to ride with my other buddies who have minis also. I am not going to be racing langtown or anything like that. My main bike is a CRF450 for track riding and trail riding. Most of the use would probley be for trail riding or grass tracks. The best thing is riding single track on the mini and taking out your buddies :cry:



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