Painting Clutch Cover

How would one go about painting the magnisium clutch cover to dress it up a bit? What kind of prep work? Any special paint? Anything else?

visit any car or bike repair shop that does painting, because the paint should be heat treated to become stable

I think I would just bead blast it and not paint it again.

I do that quite frequently to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and stainless parts with good results. Most well equipped motorcycle shops have a bead blast cabinet, and some may even let you do it yourself if you ask nicely.

can i ask a dumb question? whats bead blasting and how does it work? :cry:

Bead blasting is similar to sandblasting but you use small little beads for media instead of abrasive sand. You can also use walnut shell for media too..

I wouldn't paint it either, it'll just rub off again with your boot. You can buy aftermarket covers, I've seen then in carbon fiber.

powder coatind would be the most duabel paint. but i would just blast it and make it nice and shiny. your boots will prob rub any paint job off any way.

material should be colour protected, stains and in time material deterioration can occur if not

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