I live on the West side of WA state. Most of the riding in this area is tight forest trails. Right now I have a stock set up (front and rear sprockets) on my BRP. I am curious to hear what other set ups people have for riding tight trails?

I run the 13/48 combo and like it a lot. Here's some numbers to give you an approximate idea of the maximum speeds you'll get in each gear with the following sprocket combos. Please note these numbers are based on a maximum engine speed of 8,000 RPM among other factors.

Gearing 13/50 13/48 14/48 15/48 16/48

MPH 1st....31.....33.....35.....38.....40

MPH 2nd...45.....47.....51.....55.....58

MPH 3rd....58.....60.....65.....70.....74

MPH 4th....72.....75.....81.....87.....93

MPH 5th....86.....90.....97....104....111

Gearing 14/50 14/51 14/52 14/53 14/54

MPH 1st....34.....33.....32.....32.....31

MPH 2nd...49.....48.....47.....46.....45

MPH 3rd....62.....61.....60.....59.....58

MPH 4th....78.....76.....75.....73.....72

MPH 5th....93.....91.....89.....88.....86

Note: I added the 13/50 and a few other combo's on this edit.

[ September 03, 2002, 03:10 PM: Message edited by: qadsan ]

Thanks for the info. That was exactly what I was looking for. I think I'm going to try out the 14t/52 combo. I have another hare scrambles in similar trail conditions so I want to see how this affects the bike's performance.

I run 13/50 (uses the stock chain). Works well in Tillamook forest - occasionally I even get into 3rd! (5th on logging roads, of course!)

Good job Quadsan. That is info I can us too.

Nick, where are you in Washington? I am down in Camas, just east of Vancouver. 14/52 sounds like a good combo, about the same as 13/48. I used to run 13/50 on my 600, but have since moved to 13/48 as I have improved on it. I don't think 13/50 would be too much on the BRP though, as the power delivery is much more intense than the 600. If you want to hook up for a ride let me know.


I ride in the Tillamook/Browns camp area and have gone to a 14/50 set up. The problem I was having is that 2nd was bogging and 1st is too punchy so I tried to find something that would keep me in 2nd more often. 2 teeth in rear was very noticable, a bit harder keeping the nose down. I would like to try a 52 but 50 does work well.

I live up in Snohomish and mostly ride the Walker Valley ORV park (very nice trails). Last night I purchased a 52t renthal sprocket. I'm going to install it tonight and ride on it this weekend. I'm in the same boat as BigTom. In the tight trails I'm having a hard time to get out of 1st gear and when I do get into 2nd it bogs too much. My current set up doesn't allow me to use the bikes full potential. I would like to ride in 2nd and be able to down shift into 1st when the time is right to slow the bike without having to use the brakes.

Ryan, I don't get down south to often but if you are ever coming up north drop me a line and we can go for a ride.

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