Application of Graphics question.........

I have gone through the different posts trying to figure out the correct prep for the plastic to adhere new graphics. I just recieved my new XGX Graphics and can't wait to get em on... I just don't want them to bubble off...... here's my questions:

1. How hard is it to properly remove old graphics

2. How do I prep the plastic for proper adhesion of the new stuff?

3. How do you remove or knock down scratches so the graphics will be smooth?

4. Is there someway to polish plastic to make it look newer?

TIA guys and gals!

I have always preped my plastic with lacquer thinner before applying graphics. It does a decent job without eating the plastic.

I will sometimes sand down the deep scratches with sandpaper before putting on the graphics. Usually I start with new plastic. I have always hatedcrappy looking graphics (100.00 or so) because I had to reuse my 30.00 dollar radiator shrouds.

I use a blowdrier to remove the old grphics. They come off a lot easier when warm. The glue that gets left behind is a real pain.

As stated the blow dryer is the best way to get old graphics off.

Cleaning the plastic is fairly straitght forward.

Start with 409, then move to windex, then wipe with Rubbing alcohol. It dries fast, leaves no residue.

Application is even easier

This I learned from Matt Garrett Bergs Bets Budd

Fill you tube with warm water, warm enough to be a little hot. Use dish washing liguid and place a few drops in the water just enough to see some suds it only takes a few drops

Place the Tank in the water peel the back off the grap[hics and dip in the water.

Appliy the graphics with the squeegee and get all the bubles out

The warm soapy water gives you tons of time to get them on and work the bubbles out completly.

Once done use the Hair dryer to set the Glue and get the final bubbles out...

anyone know where i can get budlight graphics for an 04 yz450f?

I've never done it before, but I would think it would be alot like putting on window tint. You can get a small 2-3" squeegie from the window tinting aisle for it, and just keep working the bubbles out, right???

Thank you for the feedback.... I knew there was something to it... I will post pics when I get 'er done! :cry:


The graphics came out awesome!!! WOW! Here's what I did for a successful application of the XGX Graphics....

My factory graphics came off real easy. I just peeled real slow. Then blotted the left over adhesive with the old graphic sticky side.

Based on recommendations from the forum I used diluted Simple Green to clean all the plastic and rinsed thoroughly. Even the areas that didn't include graphic area. Don't want the dirt to migrate during application.

Then just before I applied the graphics I wiped the whole area with rubbing alchohol and let dry. I then put a few drops of dish soap in a squirt bottle of water.

I wet the shroud, the peeled the backing off of the graphic. I squirted the graphics until soaked. Then lightly laid the graphic on the shroud. The adhesive on the graphic is pressure sensitive so don't push it down yet.

Be sure to line it up, then starting from the middle start pushing the graphic down working outwards. Be sure not to crease the graphic. As I got to the areas where the graphic had to go around a corner I took a blow dryer and heated the graphic to make it more plyable and continued to work it down till I got to the edge. Keep heating the graphic and working the bubbles.

Did the same thing for the tank one side at a time...... The integrated holes in the tank graphics really helped work the water out. Be sure to look at the graphics in a couple of hours to see if any bubbles need to worked up.

Heat was the magic for me....taking old stuff off and softening the new stuff to make it more plyable and shed the water underneath.......

I will post a pic in the morning! Looks awesome!!

Thanks again for everyone's help! :cry:

Pics as promised........







those did come out awesome-putting some graphics on my 450 today-hope it comes out as good-motoman now go buy some new tires!or are those supermoto tires? :cry:

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