weak coil

i had a buddy tell me that a weak coil could be the reason my 97 xr400 is hard starting after it sits for a while. anyone else had these thoughts explained to them or update their ignition system. i have an Edelbrock pumper that i just bought but haven't installed yet to try and solve the hard starting problem but if it is ignition, i may not need it. by the way, i did replace the 97 carb with a 2000 model year carb and it did make the bike run much better. i just have the problem where if the bike sits for over a month it is a hard starting beast. doesn't matter if i drain the carb or not.

I run a few cc's per gallon of carb cleaner in all gas that goes in my bikes, all the time. Fuel that sits can do things in the jets and passages. It can form crusts, gels, precipitates, and react with stuff to reduce flow. I never have starting problems, even when the gas is months old.

If I had a QS sitting around I would throw it on. From what I hear they eliminate issues that people associate with the stock carb.


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