big rock up hill.

ok guys i have this big up hill that some rocks are the size of my front tire to the size of the back sprocket, they call it BLACK ROCK because of all the bikes spinning there back tires and now all the rocks are black. now there is 2 lines and i was doing the easy one. lo, but anyway im is there anytips to do it. o yea its lose rock and some rocks wont move.

im on a 2001 husky cr 125 with 13/51 gearing.

could you get a pic of the hill? :cry:

It's the same as any other difficult task. Keep trying. Eventually you'll make it and once you do it will keep getting easier and easier. Soon you'll wonder why all the newbies are having trouble. The only real advice I have for rocky terrain is run ultra heavy tubes, low tire pressure (7-13lbs., be careful below 13 lbs.), stand up and finesse it. If you want specific techniques for getting over large obstacles, post you question in the "Trials" forum.

I'm far from an expert but so far I've learned that my chances of successfully climbing rocky uphills improve when:

1.)Choose your line as far up the climb as you possibly can.

2.)Wait for others in front who are using your line to finish so they're completely out of your way.

3.)Start with as much speed (momentum is key) and in the highest gear you think you can use all the way to the top.

4.)Whenever you're tempted to slow down or drop down a gear, don't. Instead, add a tiny bit more (but avoid spinning the tire)gas. Momentum is the key.

5.)Did I forget to say "momentum is the key"?

I'm guessing that the low end torque of my bike's bigger 4-stroke engine gives me more margin of error than your smaller 2-stroke but I need that 'cause I'm old, slow, and lack riding experience, skill, and guts.

You don't say how steep the climb is but it sounds like a technical climb??. If so you may have a tough time on a 125 2stroke??. you need to keep the bike in the meat of the powerband and control traction & wheelspin, :cry:. Tough job on a 125!!. That does'nt meen it can't be done. use body position along with clutch & throttle control to keep the drive going, look well ahead to pick your line and don't give up!!!!. Good luck. :cry:

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