XR650L - Brakes - When to replace, How & with What?

My 2003 w/ 4,000 miles (dirt and street)front brakes are starting to squeek when I brake and my rear brakes don't seem too effective. Are there indicaters on the front brakes that howl when it's time to replace them? Or do you just watch the thickness of them? Are they hard to replace(How do you do it)? What brand of pads should I get and where should I buy them, Thanks

squeaking can usually be traced to dust on the rotor/pad rubbing surfaces, ... unless, your pads are worn completely down to where the metal surfaces are rubbing ... that will wear out your rotors $$$ ... eyeball your pads, dont let them get thinner than 1/8" or so ... 4000 miles is not much, I would doubt if they are already worn, but that depends on the rider ... my rear brakes on my 2001 XR650L aren't that impressive, either, but they may just be a bit glazed, I haven't really looked them over in awhile ... I don't use brakes much, I'm pretty easy on them ... when I buy pads, I will probably buy either the stock Honda, or the aftermarket EBC pads ... be aware, the more expensive, better stopping pads, and racing compound pads are usually made with materials that, while they stop better, are VERY hard on your rotors ... I like cheap, soft pads, and replace them as needed ...

I replace mine with EBC. If you have never done it, it takes less than 10 minutes. There is a screw and a clip that have to be removed to pull them off. Once loosened and new ones turned in all you have to do is push out on the brake pads to spread them so you can put it on the rotor. This can be achieved by gently pushing a wide screwdriver inbetween pads to push them out.

Sqweeky does not mean bad. Like said above, you have to check the pad thickness. I went through my stock pads on this bike in just under 2000 miles. So it all depends on how your riding it.

Most pads I've seen have a vertical groove in the friction material. When you only have about 1/16" of groove depth left, its time for new.

My front brake squeaks too, but it has new pads on a new Braking rotor. It didnt seem impressive either, but I found that squeezing the lever harder fixed that(I was used to stopping a 219lb CR250).

I just recently replaced my pads with about 4,500 miles on my bike they were almost down to nothing when I took the old one off and looked at them :cry:. I ride street and the trails so thats probally why. Also make sure after you replace your pads that you dont get too crazy cause its about 250 mile break in period and your brakes may not be quite as powerful especailly if your rotor is warped.

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