2004 CRF450R Valves and a Ticking noise

I just got my 450 back from the shop. I put it in because last weekend it seemed hard to start and I have been told this is a sign your valves need to be checked and possibly reshimmed. There is also a ticking noise. The mechanic (at the honda dealership) said he checked the valves and they were fine and that the ticking noise was due to the timming chain being stretched and will need replacing soon but I could ride it and it would not hurt anything. Nothing has changed and it is still harder to start than normal and I am starting to doubt what the mechanic said and that I did not get what I paid for. Any help would be greaty appreciated. I do have to sya that last weekend was alot cooler than the weekend before so would this matter when it comes to starting? Could it be to rich?


Is it hard to start when the engine is warm?

yes, I have to put it in nuetral and pull in the hot start and it still takes 2-3 kicks.

That's what really sucks about not doing the work yourself. You're basically at their mercy and, for all you know, he didn't do anything and just charged you the money.

My advice, if you can, is learn how to do this yourself. It's really not that hard and the owner's manual will show you step-by-step. I checked mine tonight and it took me about an hour but I was goofing off and taking my time.

I'd put a new plug in it, adjust the valves, adjust the decompression lever, set the pilot screw, clean the air-filter, etc, etc. One of those things is bound to take care of the problem.

if there was a sufficient temperature change, it could be in your jetting. cooler temps mean leaner conditions, try richening it by opening the fuel screw a tad for starters.

Thanks for the advice. I am going to make the adjustments Monday afternoon. I will let you know how it turns out!

Thanks again.

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