Costa Rica surf trip for all you motox/surfers!

Hope this works!!! I have tons more photos but all the surf sessions wegot on a camcorder that my buddy has. Sweet epic 10 foot + surf conditons for over 9 days straight (April 23-May 1st). Got to ride Pavones, Matapalo, Playa Hermosa, Boca Baranca etc... Stoked!

Here is some of the scenery


Pulling up to our house. Remember this is full on Jungle. Parrots, Iguanas, etc.. everywhere!


Pics of the house we stayed in at Matapalo. (No electricity, closest phone was a hour and a half drive away. Closest store was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away also)


This is 1/4th of all the boards we had for 5 guys.


The locals that cooked us 3 meals a day and cleaned up after us. :cry: Such AWESOME food!


Here was some entertainment! Hung some fruit by some string off this bridge and swung the fruit back and forth. The crocs were snapping at it like crazy. When we got to the middle of the bridge there was only 1 croc. This is after about 2 minutes! :cry: See the bananas and smahed fruit? These are Salties. Some of them 8 ft +


You can see if this one that he almost got the banana. You can see the string going down. The locals were going crazy watching us do this. Laughing and clapping like it was the best thing ever!



Next trip is going to be Nicauagra (sp?)! Can't wait!!

Nice.....But...... Where's the pics of you give surfing? :cry:

Nice.....But...... Where's the pics of you give surfing? :cry:

Friggen donkey who went with us (not a friend of mine. Another buddy brought him) has the camcorder. He is in the midst of a custody battle for his kid and all my buddies wrote letters supporting the mom (this guy is a major drunk, deadbeat. Can barely take care of himself). SO now he won't give us the video tape and is not returning/answering our phone calls. I wish I had it because I have a SICK video of me getting slotted at Playa Hermosa. Also have video of the wet t-shirt contest that was going on at one of the bars in Playa Hermosa where the t-shirts only lasted for about 10 seconds. The bottoms didn't last much longer than that! :cry: If you have every surfed there the place is sick. Heavy. Really Heavy.

I have about 7 CD's of picks so I'm going to go throught them tonight to see if I can find any still shots. They were all disposables so you can guess what the quality is going to be like. A little dot on a big wave from the beach. :cry:

The latest Crusty Demons I have shows some fun in Costa Rica.... can you ride the bikes on the street legally there?

That would be a massive understatement. :lol: Costa rica is the land of dirtbikes. Most of the roads are not paved so they are bumpy and potholed. EVERYONE has dirtbikes down there. They are all 125 2 smokes or smaller. Lots of 80's and 100's. Most are 1980-1990 models. :cry: I can't begin to tell you how awesome it is down there. BEAUTIFUL women. :cry: I mean absolutely unbelievable. :cry: Everyone down there is skinny and in good shape because of the heat and they walk everywhere. They also eat all healthy foods and surf all the time. There is so many chic surfers down there. Great bubble a$$e$. :lol: :lol: PLus it is just incredibly beautiful down there. Wehn I get home tonight I'll post some more pics. :cry:

Lastly if you surf there is Pavones which is the second longest left in the world behind a break in Chile. On a direct south swell the wave lines up for over a mile and a half. :lol: We caught a sw swell so it was still a blast and they were lining up good but after riding 400yards or so and hitting the lip over and over your legs just get WORKED. :lol: So you paddle in and walk back up the beach and walk right back out onto the point. So cool. We had a guide w/ a boat so he just picked us up after our rides and drove us back to the point where we would jump back in. :cry: Super warm water. Just plain Awesome! :lol:

Far out! :cry: You have definitely peaked my curiosity! How tough would it be to get your own bike over there?

I was in Costa Rica last year. It is a surfer's paradise. I surfed Malpias, Nosara, Playa Grande and Playa Hermosa. It's a great place. My friend just bought a half acre on the beach about 20 miles south of Playa Hermosa. He won't be building on it for a while, but it will make a nice vacation spot down the road. :cry:

Far out! :lol: You have definitely peaked my curiosity! How tough would it be to get your own bike over there?

Not sure on that. I'm sure you could ship it somehow but not sure. Here is a couple of other pics I found.

Sun on it's way down (Playa Hermosa)


Looking back towards the jungle (Matapalo)


Couldn't resist taking one quick snap of a couple of locals. Dark skin, light skin, whatever you like. Brazilians :lol:, Argentinians :lol:, Ecuardorians :lol: etc..etc.. they are

all over the place! :lol: :lol: (Playa Hermosa)


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry::lol:

I have been to Costa Rica twice, once for an entire month. I made a DVD out of it but it didn't sell all that well.

Nicaragua huh? WHen are you going? I would love to go there for my next trip. I went to Honduras in March of this year and Nicaragua is next on my list.

Here is the preliminary cover to the Honduras DVD. Maybe I'll actually finish it sometime . . .



Edit: I see that this scaled down version did not scale all that well. The white borders around the photos are much finer on the real DVD cover.

pretty pics.....

like the crocs and ladies sun bathing......would have been funnier to see them all bathing together....

My croc bridge pics are better! We had more crocs :cry:

We were down there just last fall. Did you see any roads like this?




We did surf. IT was my first time. I sucked. I did manage to ride a few by the end of the day though. Mostly it was a see the country and hang out vacation.

I chose to stay on top of the bridge to not get too close to the crocs. :cry: Those crocs can move hella fast.

That muddy road looked like all the roads down south. We started off in Playa Hermosa and did the 8 hour drive down south to Matapalo. That is pure jungle down there. Luckyfully the guy we were with had a lifted suburban with huge mudder tires. Your lucky you didn't get stuck in one of those little rental 4x4's.

The last road pic looked like the roads everywhere. Potholes galore on every road and in some of those remote places the last thing you wanted to do was jack up your ride. Waaay to long a ride/walk to get to a service station.

Costa Rica just plain rocks. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

That was from the bridge, just zoomed in.

This guy was dropping dirt clods on them. If it fell in the water, all the crocs would snap at it. If it hit a croc, it would go splat and none of them would move. It was hilarious.

We turned around on that road. There was a river right after it that could have been two... or ten, feet deep. There was a tractor with a winch just sitting there, ready to pull people out.

How tough would it be to get your own bike over there?

You can rent one from these guys.

I am going on a week long motocycle tour down there in January with a bunch of guys that I race with. The more I read about Costa Rica the more stoked I get about it. :cry:

Oh I am sooo jealous Greg. The whole time I was down there I was watching all these dirtbikes zipping around and it looked like sooooo much fun. Your going to have a blast! Make sure to go to "Club Hollywood" while your down there. It's just outside Jaco. Have fun!

I was in Costa Rica for 2 years in the Peace Corps in the 80s. I lived about an hour out of Turrialba (between San Jose and Limon). Uncle Sam gave me the use of a little Yamaha to get around. It was a blast - it was also hard work, but it was a blast. Misuse of motorcycles was one of the leading causes of getting kicked out. Also, motorcycle accidents were at that time the leading cause of deaths worldwide for the Peace Corps (none that I know of in Costa Rica). You could use your bike for work, but not to go visit friends a couple of hours away. I spent a lot of my free time on the Carribbean side - Cahuita - beautiful beaches but not a surf spot. Great place, great country, cool people.

How long has Club Hollywood been around? I didn't see it when I was in Jaco. What type of club is it? I am kind of past the loud music till 2:00 a.m. scene. It still sounds like fun though.


Forget about club hollywood. It is a run down titty bar outside of town.

Much more fun at the Beatle Bar, and more options :naughty:

If you must hit a titty bar, go to "divas" It is above the restuarant

called "pancho Villas" on the south side of town. :naughty:

Here's a shot of a typical Costa Rica 2 smoker, there were lots of these running around, almost all had chambers for the best power and milage. They did need a plate and inspection, but other than that they were dirt bikes with maybe lights and a mirror.

We spent time at Jaco Beach (huge waves!) and at Manuel Antonio State Park. We were visiting my oldest son, who was there for 3 months. He went to the pristine areas, like Corcovado State Park. He has movies of anteaters, wild pigs, snakes, army ants, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, crocs, and jaguar footprints very fresh (on the beach below high tide mark). These were all either on or near the trail as he hiked a 60 mile loop in the park.

Oh...Man i want to go back to Costa So Bad. My favorite part was taking the boat tripd to witches rock, ollies point, and another place that i will not even attempt to spell. Those guys go nuts over stickers. It's almost like money down there. My buddy had about two hundred or so stickers from surf contests and he brought them in a big yellow envelope. when he pulled those out give one to someone he would get mobbed by locals. Seriously get some next time you go.

We saw a guy swinging live a chicken off the bridge, that was nuts. After taunting them for about 10 minutes he dropped it and all hell broke loose. they were fighting like crazy over it.

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