New KTM freak!!!!

Hello Guys and of course Girls,

I would like to present myself into this new forum, I am an italian living in sweden with a KTM Adventure 98. I love to mod my bike... mostly for hps ... :cry: :cry: :cry: check out my bike :






hopefully we can have some nice exchanges of infos, i love my ktm .


Welcome to TT KTMITALIA,

I checked out your bike and it looks pretty nice. I love KTM as well even though I ride Yamaha. Do you mostly ride your bike on the street or also off road?

mostly at the moment on road. i am preatty new with sweden and therefore i dont know anybody that wants to ride off road and i also dont know where the good places are.. well i have preatty much street tyres (pirelli mt 90) and at the moment i enjoy driving in the city and kick some R1 and other sportsbilkes asses hehehe :cry: but later on i will surely go offroad. it is a preatty high and heavy bike for slow driving but the motor is not done for low rpm

pity is getting to cold here and soon i have to put it away till next spring.. we get - 25 in the winter and i am not as swedish to go riding on frozen lakes as here the people do... for me riding is with sun .

Welcome aboard ! Don't let alittle thing like winter completely shut you down, gear-r down, throw on some knobbie's , some of the best riding is after a snow, just stick to field's & wood's- you know offroad. myself, I can't park any of my dirtbike's come winter.... Hell, I just discovered TT a couple month's ago & I've been an offroad addict for 28 yrs. ................. 01YZ250; (brand new,rare find) fmf gnarly-powercoreII,boyesen power reeds,11oz fww,twin-air filter,E-line carbon fiber skid plate & pipe guard, cycra 3.5g clear tank, renthal McGrath bend bar's & chain-sprocket's 14/52, 1 size up on main jet,fredette handguards,ceet gripper seat 04KTM625sxc; stock, 00YZ250; all mod's transfered too 01 03YZ85R; son's bike 99PW80; son's bike 75YamDT250; completely stock & street legal, plated 73 mini-trail 70; mint cond. 1400mi. red 03 foreman4x4 quad 47 H-D fl knucklehead' stock, restored :cry: :cry:

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