Woodland Park

Well, after searching the net for others to ride with, I found a group of people going to the Woodland Park / Divide area.

Anyone ever ride down there?

Anyone interested in going?

They put an open invite to anyone wanting to go.

Take some roost protection, the granite ball bearings smart.


When are you going? I've been there once, and it's a great area to ride. Bring a GPS! I almost got lost.

I've never riden there but I want to. I live in Evergreen and want to explore some new area. Give me a call or email next time you go. Picking up my new CRF450 in the morning, can't wait to break it in...





Great riding at Woodland park! I was there right after the forest fire 18 months ago and it was the eriest site. The forest was all orange on the ground from the burnt needles and the trees were lifeless and black as charcoal. I was out adventuring and must say it was the most incredible site. 3 colors was all you could see, orange, black and crystal blue sky. It is a shame what that lady did trying to become a firefighter! :cry:

Anyway I was just trying to add that many trails are closed or private bring a GPS for sure the NW corner of the area is easy to get lost in with poor trail markings. :cry:

I was there Sunday. You really need to go with someone that knows their way around.

You can get 70 miles of riding and never ride the same trail twice or you can double back and get around 130 miles.

If it rains hard when you are there, be very careful. Flash floods in the burn area are a concern.

Just stay on the trail. There are some retards that climb up hillsides and scar the area.

When there be sure to stay on Trail 717, you'll never get lost.....not. If it's low cloudy weather and you have a sense of adventure you are guarenteed to get lost without a GPS....Come in from the Highway 67 side SE of Deckers and tour the burn on the way down to the crowded South part of the park.

Another entrance to 717 is just west of Woodland Park. Take hyw. 24 through Woodland Park. After you leave the "town", at the stoplight before the "long hill", turn right and drive for 4 or 5 miles until you get to a pull off parking lot on the right. I call that Powerline, but I don't know the official name.

When are you going to be there? I might set aside some time for the ride.

Another entrance to 717 is just west of Woodland Park. Take hyw. 24 through Woodland Park. After you leave the "town", at the stoplight before the "long hill",

long hill = Bluebird Hill

but I don't know the official name.

That lot is known as Trout Creek That powerline is part of the enduro that started at the town dump back in 92 or so..

The downside of riding out of TC is it's about one loop in/out. Go to Divide, take Cedar Mountain Road (right at the light) to 357 and follow that till it turns to dirt.

Follow the dirt about 1/2 mile and park on the left. You have multiple loops in/out from that point.

Thundertrail Navigation makes a killer map for the area.


Looks like elimin8or23 went without us. Anyone else up for a weekday ride at Woodland? I may head up that way next week, if the weather holds.

I understand it may snow! :cry:

Do you want to ride Saturday or Sunday??

I'm planning on going up there,

when I go is up in the air.

Weekends are the hardest to fit with my schedule, but I may be able to do a noon-dusk ride this Sunday, weather permitting of course. After that I'm not open for a weekend until the 13th-14th. If you can swing a weekday, I'm almost always available.

Weekdays are rare for me and with Daylight savings time slipping away this weekend, it becomes even less likely.

I always go early to avoid the rush after 11:00 am. Plus the ground is more wet and the animals are still wandering around.

Sorry things don't match up.

Oh well, that's life in the city. Let me know when you're going and I'll try to join you. I'll do the same. Thanks for trying.

Riden there 5 or 6 times in the past two weeks, but we had 4+ inches of snow down here last night, and the internet weather sites say there was a lot more up the canyon. Looks like Divide and Rampart may be out of action unless you have stud tires or tire screws.

The thundertrail map has been unavailable for some time, supposedly since the guy who created it was shipped off with his outfit to Iraq. One is on the wall at Summit Cycles and it does look fantastic, especially with many gps waypoints marked. I've used the Trails Illustrated map and the maps from Lloyd Liebetrau at L&M Productions. With those and my GPS i've been able to find my way around. The main loop is 717 and there are branches inside the loop with different letters such as 717b or c. The 717a branch connects to the Divide trailhead which has already been described in this link. The west half of 717 is in the Hayman burn area and is pretty torched but still open. There are some great areas to see what kind of erosion happens after a fire. One final point, many of the jeep roads you'll cross are not accurately marked on the maps.

See you there.

Thanks for the info regarding the TTrail maps... I didn't know. They had them online for a while but I haven't checked their site in a while.

Regarding the erosion, if you're in the burn area, take great caution. There are a lot of places where an 8' deep ditch just appears in the middle of the trail. We tried to block a bunch of those last time we were up there. I was almost gathered up a few times myself. Ride with caution...



Thanks to you and to others who have done what seems to be a huge amount of work rescuing our trails from the work of one lady with a match. On the north leg of 717, just off of the Manchester gulch road there were several places where the trail just disappeared into deep ditches, but some trail work had been done with good diversions around them. The west leg of the big loop has been lined with logs cut end to end to mark the trail route through the most heavily burned area. Hope we can keep it open in the future.

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