I need help with my new '05 CRF450

Hey Dudes, I'm picking up my new 2005 CRF450 in the morning and damn am I psyched! But, I'm not sure what to do with it then. I've decided to break it in hard at the local track, the old warm it up, then ride it like you stole it method. I guess that's the best way to seat the rings early. I'm going to use non-synthetic oil for a while and change it frequently. What else do you guys recommend? Can I tighten the spokes myself without a torque wrench? BTW, I'm a complete novice rider and have very little mechanical skills.

Thanks for the help!

Barry :cry: :cry: :cry:

Make sure ALL bolts and fasteners are tight. It's a great bike have fun. :cry:

Do a search on spokes you will get a lot of good info.

Make sure everything you can think of is greased up.

you can use the supplied spoke wrench to tighten the spokes. IIRC, my 04 CRF250 spokes were loose from the factory. a good way of tightening spokes is to start at the rim lock (always loosens first) and tighten every 3rd spoke till all spokes are tight.


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