dr100 carb settings

Hey people, I'm new to this forum. You've probably discussed this before, but I've got a 1986 dr100 that my wife rides. I recently had it rebuilt. When I got it back it was difficult to start, but now I can't get it running at all. I think the carb idle adjustment and fuel adjustment are off. does anyone know how many turns in or out is a good starting point? Please help, I can't support my habbit as well if my wife's not involved!

I'm having the exact same issue with my 84 DR100. What is a good starting point for all the adjustments?

i have an 84 dr 100 and im also having trouble getting the carb adjusted right if you find out what the adjustments are please let me know

Hi Guys,

Typically full tight, then back-up 1-1/2 turns...

Good Luck !

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