Does adjusting the pilot screw affect starting?

I had a heck of a time starting my CRF250R today. It was sitting for over a month. The last time it was runing, I was messing around with the pilot screw but not knowing what the hell I was doing.

Today, it took me an hour to start the beast. It started after I turn the pilot screw a little bit. Well, I got it to the point where I can kick start in one slow "push" of the kick starter.

Again, I have no idea what I was doing. I just turn one direction....test....then turn some more or do the reverse.

I think I just got lucky and got it to the right spot.

The real test will be when I start this when it's cold.


Does the pilot screw that is under the carb affect starting the bike?

yes, turning it in(clockwise) leans the mixture, turning it out(counterclockwise) richens it up. Usually running a bit richer on the screw improves cold starts a long as the valves are in spec. Rule of thumb: the screw should be 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from lightly seated(turned in)

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