Elkins Flat Ride Report - Friday 10/22

Went up to Elkins today, planned on doing some riding and helping the Dots get ready for the 49er Emduro. First things first, the 49er will not be run this Sunday. The forest rangers pulled the plug due to too much snow on the upper trails. :lol:

Just to give you an idea, the part of trail 26 that runs up Big Mountain Ridge and then along Plummer Ridge has at least 1 1/2' of snow on it. This is the highest part of the trail system, tops out at about 5800', and ARider and I tried getting up it, I quit and turned around after less than a mile, but ARider kept going and didn't give up until just short of the last climb up to Plummer Ridge. :cry:

Before the Dots showed up I did some riding on the lower trails, 31 down by Caldor Rd., part of 26 down by the staging area, and all of the trail 25 loop. Conditions were unbelievable! This is what we've been waiting for. If we get lucky and don't get any more snow below 6000' for a while the riding will continue to be fantastic. I got about 55 miles in, and wish I could have done more. :lol: :lol: :cry: :cry: :cry::lol: :lol:

Maybe go back for a Sunday ride? :cry:

sunday works for me if Sat rain is light. rode FH today....very tacky dirt under pine needles excpt loop 3 was still a bit slippery....FH should be good all weekend if, again, Sat rain is light.

Bummer about 26, but I could ride 31 all day. I'm going on Sunday unless it's really pouring. :cry: Let me know if you want to meet on Caldor Rd.

Here’s a pic from Elkins Flat yesterday (Friday). This is the easternmost road crossing of Trail 26 crossing Cat Creek Rd. The snow wasn’t too bad here, but you didn’t have to go too far up 26 before it got a lot worse.


By the way, this was the road crossing I would have been working at the 49er Enduro.

yup I saw the same amount of snow on parts of foresthill.

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