BRP is losing coolant??

Past couple of rides I notice that the BRP's coolant is about 1" low, and every time I topped it off. Oil on the dipstick looks nice and fresh. Did notice a bit of dried coolant residue on the bottom side of the water pump, but there wasn't much anywhere else. Not sure, but could the seal be going out in the pump.

The first time I noticed it was after riding some trails that had a few techincal sections and it was slow going for 5-10 minutes. 1st gear, slipping the clutch and dabbling the feet to stay up. In addition to the radiators, the catch tank was near empty too, and I usually keep it between the min/max lines. Didn't notice anything blowing out.

The other possibility is that it blew out during the technical stuff and there was still air trapped in the system the second time I checked it.

Anybody had experience with this? How much A**-pain is it to replace the seal?


Clean off old residue and then fill everything (radiators, overflow tank) up to spec. Lug around your property like you did on the trail and inspect for leaks and signs of overflow. You may be losing enough from a waterpump leak that the overflow tank is sucked dry when the engine starts to cool down.

Also, check your thermostat. I had to modify mine. The bridge that the expansion pin seats into was too high. The pin could rise up at an angle and get wedged/stuck and not open fully. This could restrict the flow of coolant.

You can see this for yourself by taking the thermostat out, suspending it in a pan of water and then heating the water up. Watch the pin action.

I simply flattened the bridge arm down to the point where the pin could not float around. Retest on the stove until your are satisfied with the results.

I haven't replaced a water pump seal yet, so I haven't any advice on that.

Good luck

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