CRF 450 Starting cold Problems

I have an 03 450, won't start hardly at all. It is a real bear to get going when cold. I bought it used and the guy I bought it from could start it with ease everytime. I have done what he said to get it started and it still won't start easily. It usually takes about 20minutes of kicking and finding TDC before it will start, any ideas?

First, make sure your spark plug is clean and reatively new. The center electrode should have sharp square edges all around. You also should make sure that the valves are all adjusted properly and not leaking. Also, make sure that your fuel is fresh, and that there is no water in the tank or carb. Make sure the fuel mixture screw is turned out around 2 full turn from full in. It also helps to turn in the idle screw in a turn or so at start up to let enough air/fuel in for the first couple of minutes. When cold, pull out the choke, twist the throttle a coulple of times and procede to kick completely through after finding TDC. Do not touch the throttle while kicking. It sould start in 4 or 5 kicks max, if not, twist the throttle again. Hope this helps.

When I got home tonight, I adjusted the Pilot screw to 1 3/4 turns out. Then I found TDC, when I got there thats when I gave the throttle a couple of turns, kicked it and it started. Your right about the idle screw, that dang thing will keep trying to die until it warms up for a long while. I am going to check the valves tomorrow, hopefully their good, Hopefully. Thank you for your reply. :cry:


We put larger starter jets on our WR's for winter. 72 starter jet really helps with cold starts. Your Honda should be similar. Starter jet is only used off of the choke circuit and does not effect your jetting in any way but starting cold. :cry:

ANybody have a idea if the starter jet on the crf is interchangeable with the yamahas? I called a couple honda shops and they dont list different starter jets (the call the by-pilot jets)

Yes, the starter, and main jets are the same keihin's. I use the same one's from my '01 YZ250.

I checked a couple local yamaha shops, they dont carry starter jets larger than 72, that is what came stock in the 03crf450. Geuss I will have to find a different way to adjust for winter.

You want a 45 pilot. They came stock on the '02 crf450's.

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