XR250/XR600 flatside carby

hey guys i just found out yesterday my mate has a mikuni flatside carb sittin there from his 95 XR600. He daid he'd give me it for nothing si what i want to know is will it fit up to my 02XR250 without the 600 airbox or anything like that. Plus will it run any good when its hooked up or will it harm my bike!!!!!

Any one whos done something similar or has an opinion would be greatly appreciated

thanks RYAN :cry:

Bad news mate, but it doesnt matter what brand of carby your flat slide is, it wont fit on an xr250. You wont even fit it into the inlet manifold for a start. But keep it in case you buy an XR400/600! :cry:

ill have to sell it then cauz im goin orange at the end of next year!!!! :cry:

Oh ok what brought the urge on to get a ktm?

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